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18th October 2005


2005 Serbian Film Festival

serbian film festival 2005SYDNEYMELBOURNEPERTHserbian film festival 2005

Sydney, Melbourne and Perth will for the fifth consecutive year be host to the Serbian Film Festival. To celebrate our fifth birthday, there will be shown 8 films from Serbian & Montenegro’s film industry, seven from Serbia and one from Montenegro.


The Festival in Sydney will start on 27th October and will be open until 30th October. In Melbourne it will be held from 3rd to 6th November, and in Perth from 10th till 13th November.

The premiere in Sydney and Melbourne will start with the comedy “When I grow up I’ll be Kangaroo”, from Serbian film director Radivoje Rasa Andric who we are expecting to be present for the opening of the festival. From Montenegro, as a special guest, Marija Perovic will be in Australia with her film ”Packing Monkeys again” which will be opening the festival in Perth.

This year’s film festival will be showing very distinguished and recognised film productions, some have which received awards at international and domestic film festivals.
All movies are in the Serbian language and will be screened with English subtitles.


The following films will be presented as part of The Fifth Annual Serbian Film Festival:


1. Awakening From The Dead (2005) by Miša Radivojević,

2. We Are Not Angels 2 (2005), by Srđan Dragojević,

3. When I grow up I’ll be Kangaroo (2004), by Radivoje Raša Andrić,

4. Party (2005), by Aleksandar Saša Davić,

5. Kisses (2005), by Saša Radivojević,

6. Packing Monkeys again (2005 ), by Marija Perović,

7. Loving Glances (2003), by Srdjan Karanovic


8. Flirt (2005) group project created by a production team consisting of:

Nikola Mišić, Vladimir Popović, Radoslav Vojinović i Mladen Šević.

Pepeljuga - Cinderella in Serbian

Радионица Драмских Уметности у Перту 

Школа Глуме   у Перту 

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