Adam Crouch
Agisilas (Sylas) Kalinys

Agisilas (Sylas) Kalinys - Adam Crouch & Vassiliky Kalinys - Vivienne Garrett "The Bread Trap"

 Vassiliky & Agisilas

Agisilas (Sylas) Kalinys - Adam Crouch "The Bread Trap"


Adam Crouch
           After graduating from drama school in Manchester, Adam firstly worked in a variety of children's' and community theatres after which he travelled and worked extensive y in Australia, and North America, working for Eddie May Mystery Theatre in Mississippi.  On returning to the UK, he has appeared in episodes of The Bill, Peak Practice, Eastenders, Tales of the Unexpected together with drama documentaries.  Adam last appeared in Black Swan's production of Away.
About The Bread Trap
Chrysa - Dawn Yates, Yannis Nolys - George Shevtsov , Vassiliky Kalinys - Vivienne Garrett & Agisilas (Sylas) Kalinys - Adam Crouch "The Bread Trap"Dawn Yates

Chrysa, Yannis, Vassiliky & Agisilas

Vassiliky Kalinys - Vivienne Garrett & Agisilas (Sylas) Kalinys - Adam Crouch
Oro - The Bread Trap

Oro - "The Bread Trap"

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 Vassiliky & Agisilas

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