Cherie Hewson

Leta - Monica Main
Vassiliky Kalinys - Vivienne Garrett
Agisilas (Sylas) Kalinys - Adam Crouch
Cherie Hewson
         Cherie has been working as a costume maker and designer for thirty years. She has worked extensively in robe departments in theatre and entertainment including Disney on Ice during their three-year tour through Southeast Asia, South America and Japan.  She also worked for ACDC, Kiss, Nancy Sinatra, Jerry Lewis, Elton John, Joe Cocker and Chicago during their local concert tours. Cherie has been a costume maker for Barking Gecko Theatre Company for the past three shows.
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Yannis Nolys - George Shevtsov
Chrysa - Dawn Yates & Yannena - Marta KaczmarekYannena - Marta KaczmarekChrysa - Dawn Yates
Laphina - Lara Tumak & Demetrys (Mitsos) - Travis CottonDemetrys (Mitsos) - Travis CottonLaphina - Lara Tumak
Composer/Musical Director - Nicholas - Lindsay Vickery & Accordion & Bouzouki - Christos AthanasiouComposer/Musical Director - Nicholas - Lindsay VickeryAccordion & Bouzouki - Christos Athanasiou
Laphina - Lara Tumak
Letta - Monica Main & Anastasys (Stasys) - Miritana HughesAnastasys (Stasys) - Miritana HughesLetta - Monica Main
Travis & MiritanaDemetrys (Mitsos) - Travis CottonAnastasys (Stasys) - Miritana Hughes
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