Composer/Musical Director - Nicholas - Lindsay Vickery
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The Bread Trap

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About The Bread Trap
Lindsay Vickery - Composer/Musical Director -and role Nicholas
Composer/Musical Director - Nicholas - Lindsay Vickery & Accordion & Bouzouki - Christos AthanasiouChristos Athanasiou
"The Bread Trap" - set design Nick Yaksich, lights Duncan Ord
Nicholas and Christos

              Composer and performer, Lindsay Vickery has been involved in a wide range of concert, dance and theatre productions with such diverse talents as Skadada, Stelarc, Robyn Archer, and Chrissie Parrott.  Frequently performed and commissioned, his music has been described as "having a truly original voice of sustained intensity". Lindsay is also an active member of the new music group Magnetic Pig with Cathie Travers and lain Grandage. Lindsay is a lecturer in composition and electronic music at the WA Conservatorium.  He has been resident with the Californian EAR Unit, New York's MATA Festival and STEIM in Amsterdam.

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Lindsay Vickery (Composer)

"The Bread Trap" - set design Nick Yaksich, lights Duncan Ord

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 from The Bread Trap
composer Lindsay Vickery

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