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"Yiannena, every night I close my eyes searching for healing and sleep comes to me... In my dreams I enjoy my homeland. During the day I grieve."

"The Bread Trap" by Vasso Kalamaras

                         Written by the widely published and highly respected Greek Australian author Vasso Kalamaras, "The Bread Trap" depicts the story of the large migrant community in Manjimup.

                         It is 1961, one of the best harvesting seasons ever... The gold coloured tobacco crop might make all the growers' plans and dreams finally come true. The years of hardship and deprivation for the workers are about to reap rewards in their new Australian heartland. But, the interest driven corporate world seems to have different plans for the Manjimup farmers...

The Bread Trap
Neos Cosmos article
The Bread Trap

                         Linking the cardinal values of freedom, responsibility, love and innocence, this touching story offers an intensely intimate portrait of a Greek family of five. It reveals the depths of despair they fall into when experiencing the painful friction that develops when the old ways and the old world come into direct conflict with the younger generation and the new world's economic reality.

                         ”The Bread Trap” is a powerful human story about a community, which once again faces great change as its logging of the old growth forest comes to an end.

                         The superb cast and artistic team includes Marta Kaczmarek, George Shevtzov, Vivienne Garrett, Adam Crouch, Monica Main, Travis Cotton, Miritana Hughes, Dawn Yates, Lara Tumak, Christos Athanasiou, Lindsay Vickery, Nick Yaksich and Boris Radmilovich, the Big Bell Theatre's Artistic Director.

                         The project is developed with the strong support of the Black Swan Theatre Company, one of Australia's leading theatre companies.

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composer Lindsay Vickery

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