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by Peter Chaly

Alex is a young contemporary Australian who is unexpectedly visiting Gallipoli for an Anzac Day dawn service. Waiting for dawn, Alex confronts his recent past, trying to come to terms with the loss of loved ones in his life. He finally finds his own way to connect with the tradition of Anzac Day.
Intertwined with Alex’s journey are letters from David, his great-grandfather who fought at Gallipoli; and Alex’s memories of his Russian grandfather, Greisha; and his best mate Mick, an Indigenous Australian. In this way, the play explores what Anzac Day means to modern Australians.

Peter Chaly was born in Australia with Ukrainian and Russian blood on one side of the family and Australian convict blood on the other. He lives in Sydney, and started his professional career as a chemical engineer.

Today’s play is Peter’s first, which started life as The Anzac Letters, premiering at the WA Fringe Festival. As well as adapting this play for Radio National, Peter has recently completed his first feature length screenplay and a number of short and not-so-short stories.

Cast: Stuart Lumsden, Stuart Halusz,
Heath Bergersen, Boris Radmilovich
Music: Peter Grayling
Sound Engineer: Ian Manning
Producer/Director: Christine Kinsella

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