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 Shadow Sketches
by Haya Husseini

Masa is a young woman whose country is torn by war. Forced to flee her home she joins a ragged procession of people walking away from everything they know. Suddenly they are refugees. They walk for days and nights, although they have no idea where they are going.

Alec is an Australian photographer whose work takes him from war zone to war zone. When he leaves each place he takes with him images of the shattered people he has seen. Masa and Alec would appear to have little in common but at the moment when their lives intersect, each has a sudden insight into the other’s story.
Written by award winning writer Haya Husseini, who won the Prix Italia for her play “The Lights of Jericho”, Shadow Sketches is a journey, both physical and metaphysical.

The cast features Marta Kaczmarek,
Humphrey Bower and Boris Radmilovich.
Sound Engineer: David le May
Produced and directed by Gillian Berry

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