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Boris Radmilovich
Boris Radmilovic - Beograd
 Viљe srece ovaj put
Going Under


Going Under
Chris Edmund

Dvije Obale Tijela - Directed by Srdjan Dikosavljevic
Boris Radmilovich - Bunuel's Hamlet (1984) - Directed by Aleksandar Lukac
Boris Radmilovich (Creon), Antigone - Company B



The Bread Trap
Cast & Crew

Two Banks of One Body
Otan Majo

Boris Radmilovich - Villie - Happy Days; Photography  Peter Stone
From the age of eleven when he appeared in his first role on the stage of Yugoslav Drama Theatre (Jugoslovensko Dramsko Pozoriste, Beograd) in 1972 production of "Flint" Boris has dedicated his work and education to humanities through Drama Arts and Acting.
      When he joined Drama Artists Association of Yugoslavia (from 1992 DAA of Serbia) he was for his previous work awarded the full Status of Drama Artist from the age of 23.
      Boris graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts, Acting Stream, in Sarajevo in 1990. He was granted a stipend by the Sarajevo National Theatre in 1987.
      Due to the collapse of civil society in Bosnia he resettles in Belgrade his hometown, before visiting in 1995 his mothers country of birth, Australia. Coming with wide acting and directing experience in  theatre, film, radio and television  media, Boris had already directed a variety of productions, had lectured Stanislavsky System and has been invited by Dr. Geoff Gibbs to join WAAPA’s PAM, Drama School and Music Theatre teaching staff.

      His creative collaboration with Black Swan Theatre’s Artistic Director Andrew Ross brings him first directing theatre credits in Australia. Including co-directing with Andrew Ross, the 1996. Festival of Perth smash hit premiere production of "Miss Bosnia"; directing premiere production of "Thermophobia" at the Blue Room in 1998; and in 2001 as the Artistic Director of Big Bell Theatre directing premiere production of “The Bread Trap” by Vasso Kalamaras, at Playhouse Theatre.
      Acting roles in Australia include: Creont in Company B (Belvoir St Theatre) production of “Antigone”; Willie in “Happy Days” Tadaria, Diaghilev in “I am Nijinsky” Sally Richardson / Deckchair Theatre; Sasha in “Antigone in New York” Theatre Zart; Karl in “Welcome to Broome”, Abbot, Abraham, Herod & King David in ”Plainsong”  and Chorus, Nicholae & Spice seller in “Subi Shorts” for BSTC. For ABC Radio Natonal’s Airplay he was acting in Humphrey Bower’s radio drama “The Mask”; Gillian Berry’s  “Shadow Sketches” and Christine Kinsella’s “Last Post”.
      Boris was consultant on the BSTC productions of “The Diary of Madman” and “The Year of Living Dangerously”.

      In 1999/2000 he had produced, directed and edited 13 episodes of  “Avala TV” for CH31 and Serbian Australian community.
      From 1996 to 2005  Boris was lecturer in acting and directing at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts most closely collaborating with Lisle Jones, Andrew Lloyde, Chris Edmund, Rhys McConnochie, Peter Kingston and Gillian Jones.
     He directed WAAPA students in productions of ”Entropy” by San Vincent Harper, Chekhov’s ”Uncle Vanya”. Louie Nowra’s ”Sunrise”, ”Capricornia” and Moliere’s ”Tartuffe” as well as mentored over 20 students in small independent projects.
     As the artist in residence he directed in 2003 the production of ”Mid-Summer Nights Dream” for Hayman Theatre - Curtin University - Perth
Boris Radmilovich

Happy Days

Boris Radmilovich & Veronica Mistry - Mid-summer Night's Dream

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Boris Radmilovich - Plainsong

Mid-summer Nights Dream

Going Unnder


Going Under

Total Theatre
Boris Radmilovich - The Rainy Day  in August (1982) - Short feature by Vladimir Slavica

Total Theatre

A Rainy Day in August
Vladimir Slavica

Boris Radmilovich - The Hand (1997) - Short feature by Tanja Visosevic


Tanja Visošević

ABC Radio National
The Mask
by Humphrey Bower

CV Boris Radmilovich in Australia

ABC Radio - Perth
Boris Radmilovich
“Tartuffe” production

Boris Radmilovich - Sasha - Antigone in New York - directed by Kristof Kaczmarek
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Antigone in New Yoork

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