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Planned parenthood, inspired by the pseudo-scientific theory of eugenics, is among sects the most dangerous one of this century: New-Age, which is not new at all since we have already seen its works in Europe between 1933 and 1945. 

           What is a sect?

           The word sect comes from the Latin verb sequir, to follow; a sectarian follows a guru, an ideology or a religion. The term "sect" has recently become a very negative one while before it designated any group of partisans of a doctrine.

           The media, have recently taken interest in sects, not only to show weird things, but to denounce their danger, since the collective "suicides" of the OTS (Order of the Solar Temple) and the murders with sarin gas perpetrated in Japan by the Aoum sect took place.

           On 18 April 1996, the TV channel Arte dedicated to sects a whole evening which showed how much they attract the media attention. A summary follows:

           Sects are isolated, autarkical groups; they separate children from their families; they recruit people by means of simplistic thought schemes, they brainwash people thus making followers dependent. These sects hide part of the truth about what they are and handle the followers to exploit them in different ways (economically, sexually, etc.). Among the manipulation techniques, there is the seduction / destruction / reconstruction cycle: they attract people through the happiness perspective by touching the feelings; they destroy through tiredness by depriving people from sleep, food or subjecting them to isolation, then they indoctrinate people.

           Sects claim to have a religious, even absurd concern, in which experience is more important than doctrine, but their main interest seems to be more related to financial than to religious matters. They are organized as alternative society forms; they try to infiltrate the world through social action, career training, education, etc.

           The program of the Arte channel comes up against the definition of sect: the armed forces, the school, the company, the sport, the churches, the militant actions, wouldn't they also be sectarian activities ?

           The main solution proposed to face sects danger, is the control by the Government of all faiths and the responsible politicians who refuse to do so are considered accomplices of the sects.

           Thus, from a fully materialistic prejudice, this programme shows to be unable to define sects, to analyse their real dangers, and even less to oppose to them a coherent argument. Just by chance, the main sects mentioned and censored in these reports are all anticommunist sects (scientology, Moon) and they mix up sects with Christianism, even if a priest tries to explain that unlike the Church, sects are harmful for the freedom and dignity of human beings.

           This sociologic approach is related to the Marxist analysis where truth is not very important; as a matter of fact it is impossible to talk about sects without making reference to the numerous historical conflicts between the true Christianism and Gnostic sects, between true and false. Actually, the modern concept of "sect" corresponds to the most ancient one of "heresy". But materialists cannot use the word "heresy" because then it would be necessary to talk about "orthodoxy".

           Heresies are varied, usually some kind of corruption of Christianism through a mixture against nature with:

  • Greek or far-eastern philosophy
  • of paganism and occultism (idolatry).

The most typical heretic sects are the Gnostic sects (from gnosis, knowledge, in Greek). Their fundamental doctrine lies on salvation through knowledge, which is in total opposition to the Christian doctrine of salvation through the grace of God . In sects, the new followers are initiated to secrets that they must not reveal to the outside world; the organisation is stratified by knowledge levels or degrees, but the teachings received by the higher levels contradict those given to the inferior levels, which demonstrates their manipulating nature. The doctrines of the highest degrees are secret and unattainable to those in the inferior grades and even less to the "laymen"; they are usually related with the worship of divinities (idolatry), which can reach the peak of ritual murders and always in violent opposition to Christianity.

           The two main Gnostic sects with a strong influence in France are Freemasonry and the New Age. We can find freemasons among the founders of the New Age for Gnostic doctrines are very good at mixing and integrating all contributions, even if they are contradictory.


           French freemasonry as we know it today, was founded in 1717, from the merge between the "freemasons", coming from the brotherhood 'celebrating also the «Isis mysteries»' and the "rosy cross"; they share a secret doctrine, the gnosis, reserved to its highest ranks. They claim to come from the Templars (Gnostic followers condemned by the Church) through the Templars who had taken refuge in Scotland.

           Freemasonry is divided into several schismatic obedience of a common source: to continue Hiram Abif's tradition, alleged architect of Solomon's temple. The latter, a native from Tyre and son of a widow, was the only one on Earth who knew the secrets of a master mason, specially the "Great Masonic Word". Three companions tried to extort the secret from him and as they could not do so, they killed him and then buried him on the spot and later displaced him by marking his grave with a branch of acacia. Solomon sent Hiram's "brothers" to look for him, which made it possible to find the dead body and raise him from the dead. Hiram had forgotten the secret word when he died, but the first word he pronounced served him as a substitute. This is the word that is passed on to the freemasons today, and the brother who becomes "master" (third degree), through an initiation ceremony, is identified with Hiram Abif.

           But the real sense is only known to the minority of the high degrees. In fact, Hiram Abif's legend repeats that of Osiris. Osiris, sun god and king of Egypt, had begun a trip to bless the surrounding nations with his science and arts. His jealous brother, Typhon (winter god), killed him and stole him his kingdom. Isis, Osiris' sister and wife, moon goddess, finally found his dead body at the foot of an acacia and buried him there, waiting for a better grave. Typhon stole the body, cut it into fourteen pieces and hid them. Isis looked for it again and found the pieces, except for the phallus which she replaced with a prosthesis that became an object of worship. Finally Osiris reincarnated in Isis' child, Horus.

           We find the same copy of the virginal birth of Jesus Christ and his resurrection in other ancient paganism: Nimrod / Semiramis, Baal / Astarte, etc. These paganism have in common the ritual sacrifice of children.

           Thus, masonry is just a syncretism of ancient religions with double sense mysteries; one of them, apparent, intended for the laymen and the masses; the other, completely different, reserved to a minority of initiates(31). They worship the sun, source and provider of life to the Earth which rays penetrate it and fertilise it; the Masonic religion, phallic and solar, is symbolised by the square (female) and the compass (male).

           Freemasonry, promoter of abortion

           Freemasonry, quite installed among the political class, claims for the legalization of abortion, after that of contraception, revolutionary means of changing the minds.

           In "De la vie avant toute choses", (book already mentioned) Pierre Simon describes, the way in which in 1979, when he was Great Master of the Grand Lodge in France, he built the strategy to legalise abortion in France; he explains the type of society he projects through this revolution: the Polynesian model, where the true father of a child is society represented by the State.

           In "D'une révolte à une lutte, 25 ans d'histoire du Planning Familial", 1982, the MFPF writes:

           "Many freemasons present from the creation of the MFPF have hold key positions in the MFPF since the opening of the Centers. Their humanist and progressive vocation has naturally led them to sustain the fight for responsible parenthood. (...) Their goal is remembered: "... to leave the imprint of our ethics, the spirit of our Order must inspire the work through its working and thinking methods...". This control incites them to be present everywhere where it "is about" and where "it has to do with", "the human". They try to understand and analyze the needs of individuals, and from there onwards, they work on the preparation of laws partly responding to the real or supposed desires of "the Man".

           New Age

           New Age today is a network of numerous decentralised organisations each of which carry out different Gnostic spirituality, mainly Hinduism and Buddhism (yoga, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, rosicrucianism, "holistic" medicine, drugs, UFO's, the power of crystals, sorcery, etc.). It's a huge company that prophesies the arrival of a new Christ in the "age of Aquarius".

           Some organisations openly claim to be of the New-Age: Lucis Trust(32) (including World Good Will, the Arcane Schools, the Triangles, the New Groups of World Servants), the Earth friends, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, the Children of God, Zero Population Growth (neomalthusian), People for the American Way (anti-christians for abortion), Planetary Citizens, Planetary Initiative for the World we choose, Council of Unity in Diversity, Sutphen Corporation, the Human Potential Development Movement, Transcendental Meditation, the New Comprehension Church (Scientology), Earth First, sophrology, etc.

           Other organisations make a secret of it: the Pacific Institute (training in companies), the W.W.F. (founded by an eugenicist)...

           As for others, it has been forgotten: Jim Jones (the massacre of Guyana)...

           All religions in the world share common truths transcending their differences; however the New-Age "refuses only to accept any god of the so called monotheistic religions"(Golden Book of the Theosophical Society, 1925). The personal goal of the theosophist is to reach illumination by changing his state of consciousness, which allows him to escape from the karma(33), having understood that he makes part of the endless and impersonal divinity. He accepts the theory of Darwinian evolution and believes in the existence of "masters" (more "evolved" spirits or human beings belonging to the "Big White Brotherhood").

On the left, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society in 1875, author of the the New Age "bible": the racist book "The Secret Doctrine";

on the right Rudolf Steiner, a dissident of her movement who prefers to talk about «antroposophy» ; the sect he founded has today numerous schools, especially in Germany


           "The Secret Doctrine" of H.P. Blavatsky, the fundamental work of the New Age, mainly racist, explains that the races' origin is in Atlantis and that one of the seven races of Atlantis was the Aryan race. In relation to the other six races ' the Toltecan, the Rmoahals, the Tlavatlis, les Turanians, the Akkadians and the Mongols ' the Aryans were the master-race, the supermen of the races of Atlantis.

           The Aryans had not become supermen through evolution or ordinary mutations in evolution, but mainly due to a sudden jump intended to give them the necessary capacities to live in a post-diluvian world. By losing their magic powers on natural forces, and the psychic development, they gained brain development abilities and a "superior intelligence" to that of other surviving races, that were described as inferior as regards their mental capacities and their genetic heredity.

           Supposedly educated by god-men or even by more advanced supermen, who taught them to protect their superior genetic heredity at all costs, they were supposed to differ from other "inferior" races, through their intellect. However, these "superior" intellects have been developed through the sacrifice of the psychic or allegedly "spiritual" nature. To remedy this "deficiency" and to make sure the psychic powers were not lost by the Aryan race, the initiation process was developed by their "masters".

           Initiation became then the prerequisite (sine qua non) to become a leader in the Aryan society, for only the initiates or the followers could communicate with the so called supermen or "superior powers" necessary to guide the race. These initiates make up the "Hierarchy", the future planetary spiritual government.

           The New Age followers believe that through meditation and other "spiritual disciplines", they have become a "new species" Homo noeticus in opposition to the Homo sapiens seen as a dying species. They announce an intrinsically anti-Semitic and racist doctrine: Jewish people come from another solar system (Alice A. Bailey), the Oriental and the Black people come from another breed; the occidental races must control the world since they are the most evolved kind.

           Their doctrine which covers the whole field of "Hierarchy", from a hostile attitude towards Jewish people, up to diet recommendations, must be applied, stage by stage, in a Plan: religion wars, forced redistribution of world resources, luciferian initiations, mass planetary initiations, disarmament campaigns, elimination or blockage of religious orthodoxy.

           In fact, these must be replaced by the New World Religion that theWorld Instructor will come to install by unifying all religions that will have prepared his coming. This religion will guarantee the establishment of a New World Order . From there onwards, the Hierarchy (the intermediaries between the "masters" and mankind) will take the power and will eliminate frontiers, develop a planetary consciousness and a world wide government.

           The World Instructor is an avatar ' i.e. a reincarnation' of Christ, and of Krishna, and of Mr. Maitreya, and of the imam Madhî, and of Buddha, and of Boddhisatva, etc.

           One of the Theosophic Society's books title was Lucifer, thus probably showing the unhealthy and feverish inspiration (34), as well as the nature of the World Instructor : un Antichrist.

           New Age, brief historical outline

           New Age was launched by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891), an adventuress and spiritualist medium, through the Theosophical Society sect, founded in New-York in 1875.

           Mme Blavatsky acted as telepathic receiver of the "masters" from 1867 to her death. She wrote in "automatic writing" (spiritualist phenomenon) her two main works, Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine,which are still the fundamental works of the New Age.

           The beginnings of the Theosophic Society were characterised by some seemingly miraculous psychic phenomena: appearance of letters, objects materialisation, production of strange sounds.

           At Blavatsky's death, the organisation continued growing under Annie Besant's direction (1847-1933), who conducted also the Malthusian League in Great-Britain, and tried to arouse the Antichrist in India in Krishnamurti, who quit in 1929, thus causing a disaster in the Theosophical Society that almost lapsed into the ridiculous.

           They had already had some splits, mainly with Rudolf Steiner(35) and his followers, with Alice Ann Bailey (1880-1949) that broke up with the Theosophical Society to create in 1922 the Lucifer Trust (renamed in 1923 Lucis Trust) where she published following the doctrinal teachings of Blavatsky.

           The heirs of these factions continued the propagation of the New Age.

           Bailey developed the networks and the doctrine under the direction of the "masters" while keeping a low profile: the secret doctrines about the "New Age Christ" and about "Hierarchy" should be unveiled only in 1975, a century after the beginning of the Theosophical Society.

           As from 1961 with Esalen (California) and from 1962 with Findhorn (Scotland), the New Age will be in the high places.

           In 1975, the New-Age propaganda was more visible, mainly through the works of Marylin Ferguson (The Aquarius Conspiracy), David Spangler (Revelation: the birth of a new age ), Mark Satin (New Age Politics) etc. Several famous artists contributed to the movement (Shirley Mc Laine, Paco Rabane, Guy Béart, Demis Roussos...) as well as the cinema industry : Dark Crystal, E.T., Dune, Star Wars, Cocoon, 2001, Ghostbusters, The Big Blue, Jonathan le Goëland, Poltergeist, Close encounters of the Third Kind, Superman, etc.

           New Age, inspirator of Nazism (36)

           When Hitler lived in Vienna, he was strongly influenced by the aryosophical doctrines (theosophical doctrine about Aryan race supremacy), in vogue at that time. He owned an important collection of the magazine Ostara (goddess of the light), published by the theosophist Jörg Lanz, a follower of the Theosophical Society which bible was Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine . He admired her race doctrine and made it popular through the magazineOstara. Hitler had visited Lanz in 1909 to buy old issues of Ostara to complete his collection; he said that he was interested in Lanz's racial theories. In 1932 Lanz wrote: "Hitler is one of our pupils".

           Lanz, defrocked Benedictine, had founded the New Order of the Temple and so as to set a relationship with the Middle Age Templars, while teaching a Gnostic doctrine by mixing Blavatsky's theosophy, his "theozoological" doctrines and the cult of Wotan and Odin. Among his writs we can read: "We should castrate without mercy those young men good for nothing or at least sterilise them", "Criminals, the mentally ill and those inheriting hereditary defects must be excluded from reproduction", "Intervention in sexual life will make it possible to reach the kingdom of heaven".

           Hitler was also subjected to Guido List's influence (1848-1919) who had elaborated a Gnostic doctrine, the fruit of a mixture between Wotanism (rewritten to the Gnostic fashion) and Blavatsky's theosophy, promoting eugenicist pan-German racism and a new Hierarchy, the Armanen, an initiates élite. In 1921, Hitler received as a birthday gift a book containing a personal dedication: "For Adolf Hitler, my dear Armanen brother".

           Other responsible nazis are known for having been inspired by the same paganist current: Himmler by Wiligut, Alfred Rosenberg, Dietrich Eckart, Rudolf Hess by the Société Thulé (another theosophic pan-German and anti-Semitic sect).

           Just like the New Age sects, Nazism taught the aryanism doctrine and that one of the Aryan purity, introducing a new Aryan mutant "master race". The hatred towards Jewish people derived from a hidden belief of genetic corruption of the Jewish people made it necessary to find a final "right solution" to this "Jewish problem "(37).

           It is not just by chance that Hitler, considering himself the Messiah in charge of bringing about the One Thousand Years Kingdom, applied the "ethnic cleansing" of the Theosophical Society, in an anti-Semitic, racial and eugenistic policy, sustained by eugenicists of all countries, mainly the Americans.

           Later, at least someone responsible for the New Age, recognised this connection: «One attempt was to begin uniting the peoples living in the Rhine River valley using that river as a binding factor. It was an attempt by a disciple but did not work. Now another attempt is in full swing...»(38).

           New Age, promoter of Planned Parenthood

           For New Age, human life is not more important than animals' life. In fact, due to the reincarnation cycle (karma), death is only the passage to another birth, under a human or an animal form (in case of a bad karma). Thus Alice A. Bailey thought that the Schoah was due to a bad karma of the Jews.

           In this system, abortion is not a murder, but the opportunity to find a better karma.

           Margaret Sanger (1879-1967), founder in 1921 of the later Planned Parenthood movement in New York, was rosicrucian, violently anticlerical and she belonged to a sect called Unity, which described itself as "a mental treatment guaranteed to heal all diseases of the flesh ". This sect is listed among those of the New Age. She emphasises the power of "Creative Thinking" in all areas; there you learn to become "Christ", that is to say, to realise in oneself the self divine by merging into the Cosmic consciousness. Sanger also devoted herself to astrology, to numerology, and she consulted the mediums.

           After her daughter’s death in 1915, and because of the disturbances that this caused to her, M. Sanger began to study rosicrucianism. The rosicrucians claimed to be from an oriental private meditation regime intended to link the individual to the internal powers of man derived from a superior supreme force, an "internal god" as she interpreted it paraphrasing Nietzsche. Moreover, they said that those very devout having success in their faith will detach from the group by their own healing powers; they would become "a force for the good of men".

           In 1935, the All India Women's Conference extended an invitation to M. Sanger, to come to India and speak about birth control. Arrangements were made through Margaret Cousins, an Irish-born freethinker, feminist, and celebrated nationalist and follower of Annie Besant (head of the Theosophical Society and of the Malthusian League, who, until her death in 1933, lived near Madras as the head of a colony of British expatriate Theosophists), whose metaphysical and psychic beliefs had also long drawn Margaret to the magic of India.s

           Margaret Sanger was a racist and eugenicist up to her death. She has been the revered heroine of Planned Parenthood.

           Eugenics is today the equivalent to an odd belief, devoid of any scientific grounds; even worse, its falsity was demonstrated. Actually, beyond the moral aspect (eugenics is bad because it leads to treat human beings like cattle), its scientific "grounds" have been invalidated: the Darwinian theory has never been demonstrated and the genetic transmission of mutations(39) does not exist. The motivation of those who insist on eugenics promotion (I.P.P.F., Eugenic Societies, etc.) is due to religious reasons and that religion's name is New Age.

  Other organisations working to spread abortion and contraception, openly belong to the New Age sects:

  • The Zero Population Growth, that seeks to stop world population growth;
  • The Friends of the Earth, and their gang, who claim for the creation of a "permit" to have children. The New Age has banished the old religions of nature, mainly from Gaïa, the Earth, threatened by men, too many to its liking.

           This is the reason why ecologists recommend to reduce the world population by all means. The ones we know in Europe are only the form to the general public of extremist sects such as Earth First, worshipers of Gaia.

           It is also in the New Age movement that we can find promoters of euthanasia for old people and disabled.

           Dennis Meadows, of the Club of Rome, is also a follower of the New Age. The book he collaborated on: (Strategy for Tomorrow , 1973) demands a drastic reduction of fertility through simplistic mathematical models, even if the means to achieve this are immoral from the point of view of the old morality which, in his opinion, is obsolete.

           The Planned Parenthood organisations (members of the I.P.P.F., the latter also listed in 1977 as a member of the English Eugenics Society), have implemented industrialised abortion and the involuntary chemical abortion (under the pretence of "contraception") world-wide. These organisations, in co-ordination with the other neomalthusian organisations and the UN, have made it possible to reach the number of 30 million abortions yearly world-wide.

           The hidden strategy of the pro-abort

           It is shocking to notice the connection and affinities existing between the New Age followers and the atheistic "rationalists", and others sharing the same ambition to revolutionise the societies.

           Annie Besant, before joining the Theosophical Society, was a violently anticlerical freethinker . The American anarchists of the XIX-th century also used to be spiritualists. Bakounine himself explained that Satan was "mankind's Redeemer". Marx wrote, when he was young, poems in which his rebellion against "the one who sits enthroned on high" was blatant. Darwin, the father of eugenicism, was born from a freemason. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was born from a "freethinker" father. In the 30's it was possible to see "summer schools" gathering "freethinkers, spiritualists, theosophists, occultists, anti-vivisectionists, vegetarians, city planners and materialists"(40).

           The French Movement for Family Planning itself, describes its supports as "rationalists": "the Freemasonry, the Human Rights League (Ligue des Droits de l'Homme), the Free-thought and the Rationalist Union" (41) It is possible to notice also the multiple links between feminism and witchcraft, ranging from certain feminists for whom abortion is an initiation rite and who wear as many bracelets around their ankles as abortions they have undergone, to the witch who explains on TV that feminist witches worship a goddess and a god. (Arte, 2/6/96).

           We can conclude that these groups lack sincerity since they have gathered because they are interested in legalising their rebellion, mainly against the commandment "Thou shall not kill" in order to make the repressive measures against their criminal actions ineffective.

           In the "old pagan religion", promoted by witchcraft, Freemasonry and New Age, we can find the permanence of two cults: the phallic cult of the fertilising sun (Osiris, Lucifer the "light carrier", the horned god of the Celts) mixed up with the all-mighty State (Baal-Moloch, Nimrod), and the cult of the fertility goddess mixed up with Gaia (the Earth) and Isis, Astarte, Sémiramis models, etc.

           In the past, these two cults were associated to ritual prostitution and to the children sacrifice, intended to pacify or to obtain the favors of the divinities: the goal was to become prosper and to have good harvests. Today these cults seem to have found a modern expression, adapted to a disenchanted world, in the sexual revolution and mass abortion. The truth is that just like the eugenicists, they move forward hidden, because they fear to be discovered in their real identity.

           No ancient sect had performed the feat of obtaining the sacrifice of millions of children every year. The present bloodbath, which demographic or ecological explanations are a scientific fraud, originates in the need of the pagan divinities, those being again invoked by the followers of the New Age, of human sacrifices.

         The network structure of the New Age organisations favors the spread of their propaganda (they do not appear to be a large organisation ), and it permits the network to survive in spite of the failures of certain links. Hitler's failure was not prejudicial to the other organisations of the New Age. it was enough for them to say they condemned nazism, and to correct their strategy not to make the same communication mistakes. Moreover, Hitler had made their work easier: he had repressed all sects different from his party, which gave them after the war an innocence of martyrs.

           The collective "suicide" of Guyana organised by Jim Jones, led the other New Age organisations to declare that Jones was a Christian, which is false.

           The failure of the Theosophical Society in 1929, with Krishnamurti, did not stop the movement since Alice Bailey had launched Lucis Trust a long time before within a doctrine unit.

           The initiation and degree stratification conform a compartmentalisation system preventing escapes and permitting multiple manipulations, with total safety for manipulators.

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