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Cast The RobbersVivienne GarrettLara TumakKaren RobertsGeorge ShevtsovBorivoje KandicGillian JonesCast The Robbers

“Big Bell Theatre” transition plan:

  • Develop the core artistic ensemble for Rotating Repertoire Theatre.
  • Conduct the meetings and facilitate the needs of the participating theatre directors and other creative personnel in moulding the repertoire. Develope the work through meaningful, well planned, and structured research & workshop processes, leaving the ensemble with full confidence that they have acquired necessary competence for continual development of a play throughout the life of the performance.
  • Coordinate and facilitate all necessary meetings, studies, research and lobby to build technical, marketing and managerial structure that will secure financially viable and independent future for the company.
  • Pave the way for the similar artistic structures and introduce into the creative competition a valid Theatre system that was until now excluded from Australian vision for the Arts.

Artistic Director Boris Radmilovich


your are listening to the soundtrack from The Bread Trap
Lindsay Vickery


Australian premiere

The Bread Trap

The Bread Trap
Cast & Crew
"The Bread Trap" flyer
"The Bread Trap" flyer
Sculptor Leon Kalamaras
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