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              In ECU's response to the article Robyn Quinn admits that I was not reappointed because of an expense incurred in another department, thereby proving the scandalous and underhand nature of the university's dealings with the Academy and individual staff. I was made to undergo a six month ordeal of applying and reapplying for my position. Prof Quinn's admission proves what I have long suspected: I was led a merry dance by the then acting Director and the then Executive Dean. In other words I was told lies about why I was not reappointed.

                  My case proves that ECU places no value in WAAPA's professional theatre practitioners, who are the backbone of its courses. It appears that the Executive Dean is now actively undermining the Advanced Diploma (Acting) program in favour of attracting larger numbers in bachelor degree courses - such as Theatre Arts - which are funded on enrolments, hence the drive for overseas students. The quality of WAAPA's actor training program on which the institution's reputation was largely established has been undermined, staff numbers cut and the remaining lecturers demoralised and unsupported.  

            Peter Kingston

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