Nick Yaksich
Set Designer / General Manager
The Bread Trap 01
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Nick Yaksich
           Nick Yaksich was born in Croatia and he graduated from Zagreb University majoring in Art History. His career in theatre spans almost two decades and includes acting, directing, set designing and drama teaching. He currently works for Barking Gecko Theatre Company as a Head Tutor. He created set designs for Deckchair Theatre's ”Nevesinska 17”, Fairweather Productions' “Thermophobia” and ”Teatro del Mundo”, Artrage Festival productions (”Duende”, ”Dansen”), Passport Theatre's ”When the Colored Gonads Meet”, as well as for several productions in Croatia prior to his arrival in Perth. Nick is also a visual artist regularly exhibiting in Perth and Fremantle galleries. His next solo exhibition, scheduled for November this year, will draw on imagery from the productions by Black Swan Theatre created in the last ten years.
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