George Shevtsov
Yannis Nolys

Yannis Nolys - George Shevtsov "The Bread Trap"


Chrysa - Dawn Yates & Yannis Nolys - George Shevtsov  "The Bread Trap"

Chrysa and Yannis

George Shevtsov
George has worked throughout Australia appearing in a wide variety of roles with major theatre companies.  He was directed by Steven Berkoff in Kafka's Metamorphosis and appeared in a string of telemovies, TV dramas, mini-series, and feature films. In Perth George has worked with all the theatre companies as well as with independent initiatives, playing leading roles in productions as diverse as Cosi, The Dreamer Examines his Pillow, Closer, Waiting for Godot, Diary of a Madman, The Christian Brothers, Redemption, and an adaptation, of Peter Carey's Short Stories. In addition there have been ABC drama end poetry readings, and a book reading of Michael Meehan's Stormy Weather on ABC cassette, local TV series - most recently Wild Kat, for Barron films - and a number of feature films including Love Serenade, which won the Camera D'or at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival, and Let's Get Skase, which will be released later this year. George has recently appeared in the Marcelle Schmitz / Black Swan Theatre Company co production of To Whom It May Concern.
Chrysa - Dawn Yates, Yannis Nolys - George Shevtsov , Vassiliky Kalinys - Vivienne Garrett & Agisilas (Sylas) Kalinys - Adam Crouch "The Bread Trap"Dawn YatesAdam Crouch

Chrysa, Yannis, Vassiliky & Agisilas

Yannena - Marta Kaczmarek, Yannis Nolys - George Shevtsov & Chrysa - Dawn Yates "The Bread Trap"Marta Kaczmarek

Yannena, Yannis Nolys & Chrysa

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