Anastasys (Stasys) Nolis - Miritana Hughes
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The Bread Trap

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About The Bread Trap
Miritana Hughes & Marta Kaczmarek -  "The Bread Trap"

Anastasys and Yannena

Miritana Hughes -  "The Bread Trap"


Miritana Hughes picture

        Born in New Zealand, Miritana is a graduate of ”Theatre Arts” (Sydney), ”The Journey” (Actors' Centre Australia), Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (Theatre) and has also trained operatically. Having worked professionally since childhood in both New Zealand and Australia, Miritana's credits include “Il Trovatore”, ”Hamlet”, ”Camino Real” and ”The Threepenny Opera”. This is his first production with Black Swan Theatre Company.

Miritana & Monika Chase Pic

Anastasys and Letta

Miritana Hughes &  Monica Main -  "The Bread Trap"
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